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Our Exotic Bikini Strippers

Our bikini models are a great way to add the wild to your bachelor party. From birthdays, a guy’s vacation, a golf trip, or a boat party, our models can entertain you.  Our bikini models are professional, reliable, and attentive to detail. They will ensure that your brand is represented in the best light possible.


Our exotic bikini girls are the number one choice for entertainment. Most popular are birthdays and bachelor parties. We have gorgeous girls that do modeling during the day and every type of party at night. We train our models also to be their artists and entertain at night. We reserved many events so please contact us as soon as possible to schedule.


We recruit only the best attitudes and reliability in our entertainers. They are all trained to provide the best service. Our customers love our shows.
We have a large selection of models to choose from. Different color hair, different colors of eyes, and skin. We have some girls that work a regular career during the day. We have other girls that are full-time students.
We have beautiful bikinis because fashion is important. We also have services where the girls won’t take it off. They do a strip tease without removing their clothes. This is common for birthday parties where you want to keep the provocative low.
so you can choose a Stripper by clicking on the link below to see our girls. Contact our staff on the phone and let them know what choices you’re interested in. Sometimes, our staff on the phones will text you some pictures of girls in your local area.
Bachelor Party
When you celebrate a bachelor party, you want to make it as wild as possible. Our girls will appear in different select costumes and provide you with a sexy bikini strip show.
Birthday Party
A milestone birthday is important. Ordering the best female bikini strippers is what you need. You can have the girls sing happy birthday with a birthday lap dance. This will be the lap dance to remember. Our bikini strippers have beach bodies. They are athletic and can bend their bodies in all different directions. They are perfect for a strip show-based birthday party. Many of the girls are fitness trainers during the day. Some do pole dancing classes for girl’s birthday parties.
Holiday Events
Our bikini strippers celebrate every holiday you can imagine. The holidays are what matters. Halloween parties are some of our favorites. We love to dress up in costumes. The Christmas season is always festive with sexy Miss Santa. You can also think about the New Year’s Eve bash. Valentine’s Day with couples having a couple of bikini strippers is the way to go. Find your gold for Saint Patrick’s Day at the end with our St Patrick’ strippers. Celebrate July 4th Independence Day with some of our girls that will dress up very patriotic.
Any Event
Are you having a divorce party? What about graduation coming up soon from college? How about a retirement party? Life is short, and you do not need any special reason to celebrate. You’re going out, and you want some fun entertainment. Our bikini strippers provide our clients with a night they will never forget.
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Q: Are you able to service my city?
A: We serviced all major cities in the USA. We make the commute to the smaller suburbs outside of bigger cities.
Q: What are the stripper prices?
A: One stripper costs $275 per 1 hour. Two strippers cost $550 per hour. Three strippers cost $850 for 1 hour. A deposit of $100 for each stripper to schedule an event. You pay the remaining cash to each stripper. The price goes up when your private party is further away from the major city. Depending on what city you’re in there are different rates of tolls. Some cities have a difficult drive through winding mountains. Some areas have snow, mountains, dark roads, and speed traps. Call our staff on the phone.
Q: Can we touch the dancers?
A: The law does not permit touching. Touching is very generalized enough specific. We leave the subject of touching to the discretion of the dancers.
Q: How long do the dancers perform?
A: The dancers get paid per hour. If you want to add time to your scheduled event, please contact our staff and let them know. Trying to schedule the dancers to stay longer is not guaranteed. We reserve our dancers on a schedule based on deposits. The girls may perform at your party but have to go to another event 2 to 3 hours later. It’s best to speak with our staff on the phone. They can review the schedule and add time with your private party dancers.
Q: How can I contact the dancer for unique requests?
A: Please call us on the phone, and we can discuss those matters. Every dancer has their own rules. We know their rules. This is why we will provide you with the best choice of private strippers for your party.
Q: Can I pick the dancers?
A: Yes, pick a few choices of dancers off the website. Our staff on the phones can let you know what girls are available. Some of our models are not on the website for privacy reasons. Our staff will speak with you regarding these models.
Q: Will the strippers show up?
A: We have a very strict process when accepting applications. We look for a good work ethic and our dancers. You have nothing to worry about.
Q: How can I apply to be a stripper?
A: Contact our girls on the phone. Our number is 866-417-6110, and they will discuss the protocol to get hired with us at bikini strippers.
CALL (866) 417-6110
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